About Us

Qode is a South African company that enables healthcare organisations to explore clinical, financial and operational data through visual analytics to discover insights which lead to improvements in care, reduced costs and delivering higher value to patients. Our strength lies in our deep rooted understanding of developing countries healthcare challenges, which enables us to develop clinical technical systems that understand and respond to these challenges.


QodeInsights supports organisational strategic objectives and decision-making through the application of the latest big data technologies to correlate data sets from a plethora of sources into easy to understand visual dashboards and insight reports. Insight reports, which are based on a strong foundation of both qualitative and quantitative analysis, are aimed at delivering the most reliable and accurate insights into data, which can be used to understand the past and plan for the future.

The adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) and related clinical software systems, serve as the foundation for the improvement of healthcare systems through the reduction of cost and medical errors, which in turn result in increased health outcomes for patients. The QodeActive suite of systems are developed with the user in mind, while never losing sight of the goal – enabling quality patient care. Qode Active achieves its goals through eliminating barriers to use (like high software cost) and through commitment to quality of practice through the application of international standards in certification, standardization and privacy.

Addressing the non-communicable disease (NCD) and the communicable (CD) epidemic is critical to a virtuous cycle of improved health outcomes and better economic growth in Africa. The range of Qode Care health data solutions are developed to respond to the immediate needs in the operational and other key areas in Health Care (specifically addressing the HIV civil society/public sector and international donor) needs. Data computing through the Qode’s range of innovative product lines enables on demand, convenient and ever present network access to a shared stable of configurable data resources that can be provisioned rapidly and deployed with reduced management effort at point of care.

Pathology plays a critical role in guiding clinical decisions regarding patient diagnosis and treatment. The QodeGene systems are built to make laboratory information management as efficient as possible and enables the use of information to drive insightful decisions that become the foundation of resource management and improved clinical outcomes.

The QodeExplore suite of products are designed to assist organisations in gaining acumen into key undertakings, the analysis systems developed herein aid in evidence based decision making. Ensuring that your organisational goals are met, measured and evaluated.