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About Qode Health Solutions

Passionate about bringing about a healthcare provision revolution.

Our strength lies in our deep-rooted understanding of developing countries’ healthcare challenges, which enables us to develop clinical technical systems that effectively respond to real-world risk.

Our Story

Technological developments accomplished in recent years have saved millions of lives and improved the quality of human life.

Qode is a South African Medical Technology (MedTech) company passionate about bringing forth a healthcare revolution in patient care. We believe in Health information technology through data collection and reporting to visualise the way technology are changing the healthcare sector.

Any healthcare solution deployed by our team of highly skilled Information Technology specialists, are developed to serve the patient; with the aim to improve the quality of care and health outcomes.

Best possible care for patients through visual analysis of accurate, secure, complete and valid clinical data is our passion. With this comes the discovery of insights from clinical financial and operational data which brings data to life to tell the patient’s story.

Our confidence in our technical abilities is supported by the outcome of the USAID/CDC Health Landscape assessment conducted by Digital Square (Accenture), which placed Qode in the top two Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) providers in Southern Africa.

Our Skills

Staff Skills and Certifications

Microsoft Certified

x 35

Microsoft Certifications held by our group staff

Healthcare Professionals

x 5

Healthcare Professionals of whom 2 are medical doctors

Chartered Accountants

x 5

Accountants of which 3 are chartered accountants and 1 is a registered auditor


x 3

2 from international universities and include applied mathematics and physics and 1 candidate PhD in cloud computing

SAP Skills

x 3

SAP certifications and over 35 years' experience in the implementation of the world's largest ERP

Legal Skills

x 2

Legal personnel of which 1 is a registered attorney, our independent chairman of the Board of Directors and the COO of IBM ADC


x 2

1 Masters and 1 M.Comm. degrees in human resource management

Certified Ethical Cracker

x 1

Ethical hacker working for the greater good of the security of clinical data



The ability to access near to real time programmatic data is critical for implementing cost effective data driven health interventions. As the RTC SI team lead I also believe that timely data processing coupled with accurate reporting and analytical capabilities, provide us the enhanced ability to make more informed, evidence-based decisions. With increased programmatic reporting needs to various stakeholders (including high frequency reporting needs), automation 3of processes were applicable is of paramount importance. Incorporating the appropriate reporting, analytics and information delivery strategy into the RTC data management processes, had a significant impact on the organizations, and fundamental change in the way MERL and programme employees perform their jobs.

In the past, reporting to funders was laborious and time consuming, often requiring data capturing and a vast number of resources to manage the M&E processes. With the QodeLynx, QodeInsight and Knowledge Center solutions, monitoring of performance, reporting and developing targeted interventions became more efficient. The design of the system provides timeous information to management, SI and technical leads within controlled structures in the form of near “real time” knowledge.

Once data is received and decrypted, it can be automatically analyzed and reported as needed in form of pre-agreed static and dynamic visuals. This has facilitated the implementation of daily and weekly situation rooms that also incorporate other stakeholders predominately health district teams. Captured data belongs to our clients and server storage is managed by Qode Health Solutions on behalf of all our clients. In providing targeted intervention to our patients, we leverage innovative solutions, and the ability to rapidly and be adaptive to the ever changing reporting needs, we turn to the professionals at Qode Health Solutions to ensure timely delivery.

Qode Health Solutions has tailored their software, and data products with other services into a solution package suiting our unique needs. We are delighted with the product and the way Qode approached the project.

The whole team was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to engaging in future projects with you.

Pedro Pisa - Right To Care

We have adopted Qode Lynx as our tool of choice for the data collection of counselling sessions and HIV Testing and Screening. It has revolutionised how we perform our day to day work, allowing us to have up to date figures, not only on our targets, but also on the performance of the staff in the field. The linking of time stamps with GPS positioning gives us the ability to deploy staff to high yield locations and utilize our resources more efficiently.

The support team at Qode are always friendly and helpful and have gone out of their way to support our unique requirements.

Russell Eva, Technical Manager: Information Systems, TB HIV Care

The Qode solutions have revolutionised our approach to M&E. The data is reliable, verifiable and accurate, while data entry into Lynx is simple and easy to use for all—just half day training required.

Most importantly, the data available real-time which allows more time for evaluation and improvement of programme implementation. Finally, the systems allow for monitoring of the quality of service provision in the field and ensuring that the entire testing algorithm is followed, ultimately benefiting our most important stakeholder—our clients.

Jean Slabbert

Best Outcome for Every Client,
Every Time.

Landscape Assessment

In 2017 USAID and CDC commissioned Accenture Development Partnership to conduct the Landscape Assessment to evaluate the 12 electronic health information management systems used by the PEPFAR partners at District Support Partner level in such key programme activities such as data collection, consolidation, monitoring and reporting on expected results.

"The landscape assessment involved assessing existing partner management information systems in South Africa, a high-level market analysis of global systems, and recommending systems to engage further for possible adoption by partners." (Accenture Executive Summary)

Qode Health Solutions achieved these scores:

Criteria Total Possible Score Qode Technology Score
Functional Requirements 105 78
Infrastructure 25 21
Standards Adherence 10 8
Integration and Interoperability 60 54
Performance and Reliability 75 57
Training and Upskilling 15 15
Deployment Speed 10 10
Security and Compliance 15 15
Average Percentage Score 100% 82%

The final report released in September 2018 ranks Qode Healh Solutions as one of the top 2 Health Information Management System (HIMS) provides in Southern Africa, thus approving it for implementation.

HIMS Landscape Assessment

Qode Health Solutions Product Stack Strengths

Qode Health Solutions product stack strengths highlighted in the external evaluation report:

Security and Compliance – Scored highest out of all solutions
Deployment Speed - Scored highest out of all solutions
Training and upskill - Scored highest out of all solutions
Infrastructure – Scored marginally less than the highest score
Integration and Interoperability - Scored marginally less than the highest score

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An Introduction to Qode Health Solutions

Our Group of Companies and Partnerships

Qode Health Solutions is a private company registered in South Africa with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CPC)

Qode's majority share holders are vested in Non-profit organisations and form part of one of four group technology-based companies located in Gauteng.

  • Healthcare Partner - ABL
  • Healthcare Partner - UPE
  • Healthcare Partner - Avacare
  • Healthcare Partner - US AID
  • Healthcare Partner - CDC
  • Qode Health Solutions
  • Pioneering Solutions Studio
  • Foundation for Sustainable Innovation
  • PQF Group Services
  • Microsoft Educational Parter
  • Microsoft Imagine Academy Partner
  • Microsoft Partner