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Press Release: Qode Health Solutions Launches COVID-19 Workforce Screening Solution.

Published 2020-04-27 07:48:25


[PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, 2020/04/27]-Qode Health Solutions has developed a COVID-19 daily screening and testing tool to be deployed in industries across South Africa. The technology-driven response to COVID-19 is designed to help mitigate the rate of workplace infections through a comprehensive data collection software called Lynx Virtual.

Downloadable on Android and iOS mobile/tablet devices, Lynx Virtual allows employers to effectively monitor and evaluate COVID-19 within the workplace by identifying symptomatic individuals and referring them for testing. With real-time data analysis, the screening module is designed to capture patient information related to COVID-19 such as vital clinical information, travel history, contact details, as well as tracking and reporting on potential cases and clinical outcomes via visual dashboards.

The COVID-19 screening application provides a technological solution that can be implemented nationally to screen employees and visitors for COVID-19. The utilisation of the COVID-19 screening app is understood in two ways:

1) Registered users (e.g. employees) can download the application and self-screen prior to leaving for work each day.

2) Registered and non-registered users are screened on arrival at the workplace, prior to entering.

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