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Closing the GBV Data Gap with Lynx

Published 2021-03-01 06:52:17


As increased attention has been paid to gender-based violence (GBV) over the last two decades, substantial work has been done by governments, United Nations entities, and other non-governmental organisations to address the challenges of the social burden across countries and regions globally. Despite these efforts, the prevalence of gender-based violence in today’s society is still a major concern, as shortcomings in quality data collection and reporting methods remain some of the barriers that hinder the implementation of effective policies and programmes that combat gender-based violence.

As a result of the gaps left by insufficient data, the true extent of gender-based violence in communities is hard to measure, making the global picture of lethal violence against women incomplete. To inform programme managers and key decision-makers in developing and implementing effective programmes to reduce gender-based violence, improved data collection tools and robust reporting systems are paramount in increasing knowledge on the gaps to capture the full prevalence of violence and deliver quality care.

In order to support and strengthen GBV-related programmes and patient outcomes, our Lynx applications provide programme managers and healthcare providers with digital tools that alleviate the stresses of limited human and technology resources by streamlining data collection at the point of care, optimising data processing, and strengthening programme reporting capacity.

Lynx mHealth

The decentralisation of collecting, coordinating and compiling data on gender-based violence makes the comparison of data across different levels difficult—especially when relying on paper-based methods. Lynx mHealth solves this problem by centralising data collection using a mobile-based application that is available on Android compatible mobile and tablet devices.

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Suitable for fieldwork in any clinical setting, Lynx mHealth is customised with a survivor-centred workflow that mobilises patient care, enabling healthcare workers to achieve higher rates of screening at the point of care using a single system that features:

·       A rapid HIV screening and testing module.

·       A TB, Malaria, and STI screening module.

·       A COVID-19 symptom screening module.

·       An integrated GBV screening and assessment module.

To facilitate holistic counselling using technology, Lynx mHealth is also ideal for healthcare workers who administer care in marginalised communities with limited or poor infrastructure. The application is designed to operate in offline mode, enabling the collection of patient information even without an internet connection. All data that is collected via smartphone or tablet in offline mode is securely stored and encrypted, whereafter it is automatically synced to our secure servers when an internet connection is established.

Lynx mHealth has also been built to minimise the occurrence of human error at the point of care. Instances such as patient data duplication, data loss, data damage, and data tampering are drastically reduced as Lynx mHealth validates all collected data at the point of care using Qode Insight, a data processing engine that cleans up data to provide relevant, accurate, and valid information for reporting.

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Lynx HCF

What separates Lynx Health and Lynx HCF is the fact that Lynx Health is purely a data collection software that streamlines data capturing at the point of care and is suitable for healthcare workers and lay counsellors, while Lynx HCF is a doctor/nurse focused system that is built to help manage patient records. Through Lynx HCF, doctors and nurses can manage patients remotely using mobile or web devices, and monitor patient records with real-time data. We have customised Lynx HCF to feature a GBV clinical workflow that captures:

·       Patient Details, Biometrics Etc.

·       History

·       Vitals (Blood Pressure, Glucose Levels, BMI, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Etc.)

·       Examination results (General, Eye, Ear, Pregnancy, Cardio, Dentistry, Etc.)

·       Diagnoses

·       Treatments (Medication, Procedures & Immunisations)

·       Electronic Referrals, Sick Letters and Certificates of Fitness

·       Electronic Prescriptions

·       Patient Management and Intelligent Notification Services

·       Digital Cabinet

·       Clinical and Statistical Reporting


It also features:


·       A rapid HIV screening and testing module.

·       A TB, Malaria, and STI screening module.

·       A COVID-19 symptom screening module.

·       An integrated GBV screening and assessment module.

Virtual Patient Care with Lynx HCF During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated violence against women within the home. In the presence of confined spaces, countless women across the world are subjected to abusive situations during nationwide lockdowns, often with no place to seek refuge because of travel restrictions. Due to the nature of COVID-19, strict social distancing practices have affected conventional data collection methods and the way patient care is delivered, but with Lynx HCF, doctors collect patient information remotely and consult with patients virtually.

Designed as an affordable and time-saving soltuion, the Virtual Consultation feature not only eliminates the risks associated with face-to-face consultations during the pandemic, but allows patients or service providers to connect with a doctor using their phone, tablet or computer. Patients can connect with a doctor via text or video consultation indicating their symptoms, and a virtual examination can be requested. The doctor can issue electronic scripts, referral letters, sick notes and can schedule patients for follow up.

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Shaping a Safer Society with Real-time Data 

Both Lynx Health and Lynx HCF utilise Knowledge Center to produce reports that pull relevant, accurate, and valid data from Qode Insight. Knowledge Center is our big data solution that uses business intelligence tools to build static and dynamic reports. The software displays interactive and user-friendly dashboards that are accessible from the web, mobile and, tablet devices for effective monitoring at patient and programme level. By harnessing the power of real-time analytics, M&E teams can develop response activities and monitor key indicators that guide GBV programme success and help inform GBV-related policies in the long run.

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