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Astrocyte: A New Generation in Practice Management Software for SA Medical Professionals

Published 2021-06-02 06:46:07


As a private medical practice owner and practitioner, one of your main priorities is the wellbeing of your patients. When people become ill or suffer serious injuries, it is your knowledge, training, and expertise that they depend on to receive diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, running a successful practice requires more than delivering quality patient care—it demands efficient business practice. And with tasks such as scheduling, billing, claims processing and reporting contributing to the ever-growing list of practice operations, quality patient care becomes susceptible to administrative errors that not only put the patient at risk, but leave your practice vulnerable to decreased revenues and costly legal malpractice claims.

Developed in partnership with Investec and Qode Health Solutions (Qode), Astrocyte is a practice management system that aims to remedy the challenges faced by modern practices. From claims processing to financial reconciliations, Astrocyte leverages the latest mobile technologies to streamline and digitise these time-consuming processes for improved practice performance and productivity.

The system hosts an array of dynamic features to help medical professionals manage their practices from one system. To start, Astrocyte is designed as a hybrid cross-platform solution that integrates from a practice’s desktop application to any Android or iOS mobile device. So whether a medical professional is ‘on-the-go’ or in the office, they can manage their practice remotely using any device from any location. Astrocyte is also the first practice management solution in the market to claim direct banking integration. As a partner of Investec, Astrocyte users can share payment information seamlessly and have access to Investec financial support that boasts over 30 years of experience.

The system also centralises the management of daily practice operations for a completely paperless experience. With calendar management, practices can create and manage appointments and schedules as well as make edits to their calendars on-the-fly. The billing and reconciliation feature helps practices create and manage patient accounts and complete reconciliations against payments received. With the clinical notes feature, doctors can create clinical notes on important patient information such as diagnosis, procedures, and treatment plans remotely that notify staff when ICD10 codes and procedure codes are recorded. The clinical notes feature utilises a clinical procedure plan that reduces the risk of successful malpractice claims.

As with Astrocytes integration with Investec banking services, Astrocyte additionally features medial aid integration with all major medical aids in South Africa for faster claims processing and payment. Through this feature, medical practice staff can submit medical aid claims digitally using web, mobile, or tablet devices to reduce the need for paper-based claims processing and faster payment.

Tracking practice revenue and expenses is easier than ever before. From age analysis reports that give snapshots of outstanding payments to operational analytics that provide breakdowns such as the number of daily invoices completed, Astrocyte provides practices with reports to help them grow from strength-to-strength using sound financial management.

Another feature that separates Astrocyte from conventional practice management software’s is its Microsoft hosting technology. As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, Astrocyte features the highest security standards and uses the latest Microsoft hosting technologies and hyper-cloud environments. This means that Astrocyte encrypts all patient and practice data to ensure that all information that goes through the system is always secured 24/7.

The system is equally adapted for convenience as Astrocyte allows staff to view, update, and create information in offline mode. In offline mode, doctors can still access patient files and make clinical notes remotely that update automatically when the system is online.

Ultimately, Astrocyte is built to revolutionise the practice experience. Designed by medical specialists and a practice management team in a clinical environment, Astrocyte is wired to alleviate the burdensome administrative pressures private medical practices face every day. Simple to use, secure by nature, and integrated for performance—Astrocyte gives medical professionals the power to manage their practices using one system so they can unlock greater freedom to take care of their patients.

As a proud partner of Investec, please note that Astrocyte is an exclusive offer available to medical professional clients who bank with Investec.

Become a paperless practice with Astrocyte. Get in touch with Astrocyte or an Investec Private Banker today. You can also visit Investec or Astrocyte online.



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