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Scaling Up SA Government Vaccination Targets with Lynx HCF COVID-19 CarePlan

Published 2021-10-18 05:33:10


As the South African government continues its pursuits to immunise sixty-seven per cent (67%) of the population by the end of 2021, across the country, the phased rollout of the vaccination strategy continues to distribute multiple vaccines with the aid of provincial governments and the private sector. And while the lifecycle of the vaccination strategy has entered phase three, countless South Africans across various demographics remain unvaccinated due to recent political upheavals, public perceptions, health system overload, and delays in vaccination procurement, distribution, and registration.

With the vaccinated population sitting under eleven million people, the government has set targets to administer a quarter of a million jabs per day. In order to achieve the rapid expansion of this intervention, key operational activities relating to supply and demand variability, testing and registration, vaccine distribution, and vaccination site coordination require efficient data management to achieve equitable distribution within the vaccination system.

To assist the government and the private sector in scaling up vaccination targets, Qode Health Solutions has developed the Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan—a comprehensive digital software solution designed to optimise data management and reporting of COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. The Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan is built on the Lynx-HCF model, a cloud-based software that supports the data collection, reporting, and patient data management of various health programmes in Southern Africa and across the globe.

In terms of screening and testing, the Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan features digital tools that strengthen healthcare provider responses. Firstly, the software is built with a digital screening tool that operates on Android and iOS mobile, tablet, and web devices. With this feature, healthcare providers can conduct door-to-door screening, community surveillance, contact tracing, and manage testing site data at mobile clinics without depending on paper-based data collection methods that result in backlogs and long wait times in queues.

In some cases, the adoption of digital health solutions for healthcare providers presents challenges due to the lack of training, weak technical support, system complexities, and other administrative related challenges. To address this challenge, the Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan features a user-friendly interface that automatically encrypts and syncs data to our secure servers[1] when data is collected. The system can also operate in offline mode. With this feature, on-site staff who collect patient data before vaccinations can do so in areas with poor infrastructure, even during the occurrence of load-shedding or the absence of a stable internet connection. As part of the value-add services that the Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan includes, healthcare providers who use the system are provided with system training and accreditation before they operate the solution in live settings.

Tracking vaccination data accurately and in real-time is vital to ensuring the equitable distribution of vaccines. That is why the Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan is also configured to assist vaccination sites, implementing partners, and workplace employers with vaccine tracking and monitoring. At the point of care, healthcare providers can use Lynx-HCF to record consent digitally, record patient immunisation, track the number of vaccines administered at the site, produce digital vaccination cards (to eliminate potential loss, theft, or fraud), as well as proactively monitor, report, and visualise vaccination data.

The pandemic has exposed, more than anything else, the importance of data. To help users draw insights that improve vaccination coordination and prevent vaccine wastage, Lynx-HCF is integrated with Knowledge Center, a big data solution that produces customisable and comprehensive dynamic and statistical visual reports that update in near real-time for effective tracking. Users of the Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan have remote access to the following data reports 24/7:

                     Bookings scheduled per site

                     Bookings per eligibility criteria

                     Notifications shared to all employees (these include notifications to book a visit and reminders if they not booked yet)

                     Notifications to the organisations on how many of the eligible employees have booked daily

                     Number of employees vaccinated

                     Number of vaccines per vaccine type per facility

                     Number of employees who have received both vaccine jabs if Pfizer was the vaccine administered


If you are interested in learning about how our Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan can support the data demands of your COVID-19 health programme, please contact us at +27 12 111 7000.


[1] To protect the integrity and privacy of patient data, all data captured and hosted by Lynx-HCF is processed and secured by a three-step series of data encryption, de-identification, and consolidation process. As a Global Microsoft Partner, the Lynx-HCF COVID-19 CarePlan is built on a cloud hosting environment that securely processes data from various locations with integrity, while complying with POPIA regulations.


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