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We have adopted Qode Lynx-Health as our tool of choice for the data collection of counselling sessions and HIV Testing and Screening.

Russel Eva, Technical Manager
Information Systems, TB HIV Care

Qode Insight

With the advancements technology has made in recent decades, the world has since seen data become the most valuable resource. Today, organisations can draw strategic information from the relationships of disparate and multiple data sources using big data technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve data-driven decisions.

Through our development of Qode Insight, we have pioneered a healthcare data solution that uses big data technologies within its software to explore real-time data. Designed as an inclusive data collection tool, Qode Insight is a software solution that uses data cleaning and consolidation algorithms to analyse, process and extract information from multiple data sources.

By utilising big data technology to convert raw data into actionable insights, Qode Insight functions as a centralised data source to build predictive models, develop new products, and understand the industry environment. This is achieved via the systems data processing technologies which integrates and stores all raw data collected from a range of healthcare systems:

Current data sources:

  • TIER.Net
  • NHLS
  • eLab
  • Lynx
  • More

In addition to the mentioned sources, Insight can add new data sources from structured databases, CSV files, and more.  Furthermore, the database prioritises and chronologically correlates data inputs from multiple data sources for validity, relevancy, and accuracy.

Within the software is a built-in patient identification engine that captures multiple criteria. This creates a unique patient identifier that links each patient’s profile on the Qode Insight system. The system then correctly links the information from its multiple sources to each patient to ensure data compliance and accuracy. Due to the sensitivity of patient-data, the application has user-access protocols that authorise the distribution of data sets according to user roles.

In addition to Qode Insight creating centralised health records (medical visits, laboratory data etc.), the system hosts all data on the Azure environment ensuring we meet industry security and privacy standards. Using the latest Azure technology (Azure Data Lake, Databricks and Azure Data warehousing) to merge and collate relevant data, the software features direct integration with our Qode Knowledge Center that consolidates the data into dynamic visual reports and enables reporting on the 95-95-95 UN strategy.

Being customisable to partner needs, Qode Insight keeps a record of source data merging, allowing reporting on original records in the source systems. With its intuitive data integration engine, the application validates data by detecting errors such as typing errors and data inversion.

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Our Group of Companies and Partnerships

Qode Health Solutions is a private company registered in South Africa with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CPC). Qode's majority share holders is vested in Non-profit organisations and fall part of one of 4 group technology-based companies located in Gauteng.