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We have adopted Qode Lynx-Health as our tool of choice for the data collection of counselling sessions and HIV Testing and Screening.

Russel Eva, Technical Manager
Information Systems, TB HIV Care

Qode Lynx HCF

Lynx-HCF is primarily designed as a software that provides a holistic patient care solution to improve patient outcomes. The current environment within South Africa’s healthcare system largely consists of inefficient processes that are time-consuming, inconvenient, and unaffordable to most citizens. Consequently, poor delivery of healthcare services has become the outcome whereby patients access to quality healthcare is compromised and subjected to prolonged waiting times, poor hygiene and infection control measures, shortage of resources, and poor record-keeping.

Through the implementation of Lynx-HCF, all aspects of patient care are fundamentally refined through a cloud-based healthcare software that provides patients, healthcare practitioners, and service providers with comprehensive, accurate and accessible reports via the collection, management and analysis of patient data and electronic medical records (EMR).

The application operates by capturing the patient’s clinical information in a cloud-hosted database that is accessible from any location on a variety of devices (web, mobile, and tablets). In addition to the patient capturing and screening capabilities of the application, the desktop and mobile front-end are built on .Net Framework and operate on Azure Cloud services, with all data layers being stored and processed in an MS SQL data warehouse for security. Furthermore, all patient data collected in Lynx-HCF is instantaneously available in real-time independent of where a patient is consulted or situated.

Within Lynx-HCF, is a flexible data capturing interface that enables the collection of historical medical and clinical information. The historical patient data retrieved is then aggregated with other relevant patient data (vitals, examination results, diagnoses, treatments, electronic prescriptions, consultations, images etc.) into comprehensive and coherent reports via the Qode Knowledge Center.

Our Knowledge Center utilises proprietary software that collects and processes the patient data into dynamic, user-friendly, and interactive dashboard reports using powerful Business Intelligence tools. With user access control, Lynx-HCF deploys permission-based security protocols which authorise the use of sensitive patient data according to defined roles. These customisable reports are useful aids in developing actionable insights to optimise patient care, resource allocation, and patient data management.

Because Lynx-HCF can be used in most clinical environments, the application features an integrated sharing platform that can distribute patient medical records to authorised personnel and relevant 3rd parties. Additionally, patients can contribute to their medical profiles and feed real-time data into electronic medical records (EMR) using mobile and wearable devices. The software also systematically expedites patient-doctor communication via automated notifications that are configurable for specific scenarios (prescriptions, referrals, sick notes, appointments).

Built within the architecture of Lynx-HCF is telemedical video call. Healthcare practitioners using this function can initiate virtual consultations with patients thus streamlining laborious administrative tasks such as travelling and waiting rooms.

At Qode, we’re aware of the challenges that inefficient patient healthcare poses on quality service delivery. With Lynx-HCF, the burdens of cumbersome systems and processes transform into a holistic patient-centric experience. Solely committed to the purpose of innovating patient healthcare, Lynx-HCF is the quintessential patient healthcare solution—cost-effective, adaptable, and convenient.

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