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We have adopted Qode Lynx-Health as our tool of choice for the data collection of counselling sessions and HIV Testing and Screening.

Russel Eva, Technical Manager
Information Systems, TB HIV Care

Qode Lynx-Health

With application that extends beyond HIV, Malaria and TB counselling, Lynx-Health is a versatile mobile and web-based application designed to optimise the point-of-care to improve patient outcomes. Through the elimination of paper-based systems and inefficient data collection processes, Lynx-Health utilises data collection tools to simplify the integration of real-time data that is valid, relevant, accurate, and accessible to healthcare professionals for effective strategic analysis and reporting.

The application operates by capturing the patient’s clinical information in a cloud-hosted database that is accessible from any location on a variety of devices (web, mobile, and tablets). This capability addresses the challenge of poor record-keeping by ensuring that all data is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure hosting environments. As a result, the system encrypts and audits all communication with POPIA compliance to ensure data security, integrity, and availability.

Built within the framework of Lynx-Health is integration with Qode Knowledge Center. Through this process, Qode Knowledge Center utilises proprietary software to consolidate encrypted data into dynamic and interactive reports using powerful Business Intelligence tools and SQL Server Reporting Services technologies. Additionally, the application contains an integrated algorithm that uses an intuitive skip flow logic system to prevent the manual manipulation of data by counsellors. Due to this functionality, input data is valid, accurate and relevant.

The module features administrative functionality that can create and manage users, their roles within the organisation, as well as creating and resetting user login details and passwords. Moreover, Lynx-Health is equipped with role-based authorisation which ensures that authorised personnel will have access to specific data sets.

As stated above, Lynx-Health currently supports two distinctive operational platforms: Lynx-mHealth (mobile platform) and Lynx-eHealth (web-based platform).

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