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We have adopted Qode Lynx-Health as our tool of choice for the data collection of counselling sessions and HIV Testing and Screening.

Russel Eva, Technical Manager
Information Systems, TB HIV Care

Qode Lynx-mHealth

Being deployable at various locations (clinics, mobile units, door-to-door campaigns, areas with limited infrastructure), Lynx-mHealth serves as the operational liaison between patient and healthcare provider to expedite the point-of-care process. The application is the mobile-based component of the Lynx-Health product that captures patient-level data via smartphone or tablet.

Lynx-mHealth features a customisable interface that can be configured to suit the needs of specific tasks. By making use of this application, all data is validated at the point-of-care through a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and suitable for all individuals to capture data.

Through GPS position reporting, the software captures real-time satellite positioning to ensure that captured data is linked to the correct site or location. The software is also capable of capturing data offline in the event procedures are carried out in areas with poor infrastructure and internet connectivity. All data that is collected offline is then encrypted and automatically synced to our servers as soon as internet connection is established (mobile or Wi-Fi network). The application features state-of-the-art biometric integration that captures biometric data for fingerprint reference. This feature serves as an aid that streamlines workflow processes and promotes productivity and workflow.

Being a multidimensional application, Lynx m-Health also functions as a counselling aid that supports the counsellor in providing the best quality service to the patient. This includes, but is not limited to, gathering information on gender, race, age, occupation, contact details etc. Due to Lynx-mHealth being an Android-based App, the mobile operating system remotely and routinely updates the software though Google Play via internet connection. This convenient process prevents the need for hardware to be recalled from the field. Furthermore, Lynx m-Health includes functionality to lookup previously enrolled clients via the mHealth App and perform follow-up actions that are linked back to the same client.

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